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When things are going well, it is pretty easy being a business leader

Here in Australia, as we rolled through March 2020, it was clear this would be a year of contrasts. Initially, organisations had to focus on keeping employees and their families safe and preserving operations and business continuity as best as possible while the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. For many companies, lofty transformation programs were quickly replaced […]

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Four winning attributes of next generation leaders

C-suite executives today understand the imperative for agile and entrepreneurial leadership that can shake up old approaches to business. They seek talent that is empathetic and combines critical thinking with an innovative mindset. “We depend on attracting young talent that has the pulse of the market at any time, and that has the ability, drive […]

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Critical organisational drivers for identifying next gen leaders

Over 850 business leaders who participated in a survey for the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) consistently identified business continuity as the most pressing challenge when identifying next generation leaders. Globally and across industries, senior executives realise there is fierce competition for top talent who can lead in uncertainty, execute enterprise-wide digital […]

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