June 2018 newsletter: Morgan Young’s latest investments

As a valued member of our community, we’re excited to share some of the investments we’ve made in 2018 to bring additional value to our network.

Hires and Partnerships

We’re delighted that Warren Riddell has recently merged his existing acquisitions practice with Morgan Young. This combination is exciting because we now cover the acquisition of talent from executives to teams to firms – across all areas of professional services, consulting and advisory. Warren leads our Professional Services Practice and provides M&A strategic services to clients.

Emerging Market Trend

Over the last 12 months we’re seeing a market trend emerge across ANZ around counter- offers. In such a competitive market place the final stage of the search process, the resignation, is the most delicate. It is often the most emotional stage of a process. 83% of the hiring processes Morgan Young has managed have triggered lucrative counter-offers. Counter-offer conversations are highly nuanced and can quickly backfire. If you’re on either side of such a conversation, you need to be prepared. We have strategies to help.

Completed  Searches

Morgan Young has successfully completed the following mandates in 2018:

Information Technology: CEO Asia Pacific – Global Tech Vendor, CEO Japan – Software & Services / Cyber, SVP Engineering – Global Software Vendor, SVP Engineering – Cyber Security, Sales Director Oceania & Japan, Global Head of Marketing – Medical Devices, Chief Product Officer – Big Data, Chief Product Officer – Cyber

Financial Services: Engineering Head DLT & AI, Managing Director Quantitative Analytics, Director – Data  Strategy & Governance, Managing Director – Operational Risk, Chief Data Officer, Director – Data Strategy  & Governance, Head of Data Engineering, General Manager Cyber Operations and General Manager  Operational Risk

Professional Services: Managing Director – Digital, Partner – Advisory, Partner Enterprise Information Management and President – Asia Pacific

M&A Advisory: NZ based specialist consulting engineer (buy side), Australian environmental consulting firm (buy side), Australian project management firm (buy side) …and we have some exciting projects in progress.

Why Mentoring Matters

We have a lot of passion around mentoring. At any career stage a positive mentor can challenge you, guide you, teach you, motivate you and connect you. Each year we mentor teams of teenage girls to embrace STEM. We recognise that the young women of today are the cornerstone of tomorrow’s society. They’ll be the mothers, teachers and leaders who shape our future. A positive mentoring experience for a teen is an investment in the rest of their life. And embracing STEM makes that future brighter, wider and longer, not only for each girl but for the world. Discover the history of women in STEM in our latest blog https://bit.ly/2JkhXZR 

Contact Us

If you have hiring needs for senior executives, require real-time compensation information or would value a conversation about help with advisory services, executive coaching, team development or mindfulness programs, contact us on ph +61 2 8484 0336 or via enquiries@morganyoung.com