Have you seen a clear evolution in the trend with regards to the skills demanded by your clients and how would you describe this? What skills are required moving forward, especially for the C-suite?

60 second reads: A series of quick insights from Morgan Young’s Managing Partners

(Question from a recent industry forum at which James Young, Managing Partner spoke)

On one side, the sheer pace of change has created a skills gap, which is stopping many organisations from moving more quickly and responding to disruption in the B2C markets across media, telco’s and financial services.

On the other side, the perceived slow economy is causing some to take a more conservative ‘reduce cost and risk’ approach to their business.

Some organisations want disrupters and challengers; others want a steady hand on the tiller. Both have merit. Sometimes a blend of the two is what is needed.

In both scenarios high emotional intelligence, agility and the capacity to lead through ambiguity are increasingly important. Leaders have needed to hone their social adeptness, boldness and determination.

These attributes have been necessary to lead sales teams in difficult markets, deliver transformative technology and business solutions in cost focussed environments, and deliver new business and operating models that respond to disruption or become disruptors themselves.

Most industries are being challenged by digital; how an organisation responds to this, adapts its culture and commits to change, will determine how that organisation can realise its potential.

Chief Growth Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, are emerging titles, tasked explicitly with driving growth.These roles combine strategy, analytics, corporate development, investment and operations as companies seek to find meaningful new revenues streams.

EQ, Agility and leadership skills and willingness to learn and fail are qualities that are needed in emerging executives.

Along with executive search, Morgan Young provides bespoke leadership advisory, offshore talent mapping and market intelligence services. Contact one of our Managing Partners to discuss how Morgan Young can help your organisation ensure you have the right skills on your executive teamto keep up with change and stay ahead of your competitors.