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When things are going well, it is pretty easy being a business leader

Here in Australia, as we rolled through March 2020, it was clear this would be a year of contrasts. Initially, organisations had to focus on keeping employees and their families safe and preserving operations and business continuity as best as possible while the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. For many companies, lofty transformation programs were quickly replaced […]

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What’s keeping Australian CISOs up at night?

It’s a wonder CISOs sleep a wink. If they’re not working to protect their organisation from malware, phishing or email breaches they might be monitoring unauthorised downloads of information, guarding against system violations, safe guarding patch management and securing browsers. There are employees to train, skilled specialists to hire and executive leadership to brief. Chief […]

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CISOs: A precarious life in an in-demand profession

‘Information security’ is the current buzzword amongst business. According to Lynwen Connick, former Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Assistant Secretary for Information Sharing and Intelligence, and now the ANZ Bank Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the real impact of cybercrime to Australia could be worth around $17 billion annually. Tech giant Google’s recruitment drive […]

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